Work From Anywhere & Anytime

The purpose of toji is not limited to excursions, so I also have to work as usual. I have been creating our business pages for the past month.

My Best Toji At Tokyo

As an ambassador of "Onsen Biz", I should my best toji at Tokyo. But it's okay. The Tokyo area is blessed with black-onsen.

Enjoy Tokyo

As, I have been active in the Niigata and Nagano. I want to find and enjoy the charm of Tokyo by making use of my experience in local countries.

Enjoy both weekdays and holidays

Toji is one of the workcations. At that time, there was no word for workcation, but I have lived a life of remote working as usual while staying in Onjuku Town (Chiba), Chichibu City (Saitama), etc. for several weeks to several months. From that experience, I know that there are different ways to enjoy weekdays and holidays. This toji is exactly the same.

Record Of Toji For One Month 🙂

One Month Onsen Time (Minutes)
10-day Onsen Tour Distance (KM)
Number Of Steps Per Day Walking In Yomiuri-Land (steps)
Photos Taken In A Month (Sheets)